Tricorp Solutions

Website Design & Coding

Launched: February 2014

Designed logo. Programmed and designed website in Joomla CMS.

CW Analytics

Website Design & Coding

Launched: October 2013

Designed logo. Programmed and designed website.



Migrated site to HTML 5 and CSS. Continue to update code base while maintaining product content.

Black Dakini

Look Book

Designed in InDesign under the art direction of Bryan Langston.

Kim Elphinstone Photography

Website Design & Coding

Built templates and trained Kim how to update them.

AARP Foundation

2011 Annual Report

PDF Format

Shortened version to emphasize highlights.

AARP Foundation


Some colors are over-saturated or made higher contrast to make the images easier to read when shrunk to very small screen sizes.

American Red Cross National Headquarters

iPhone web forms

In 2010 I designed and programmed these web donation forms. This was when the 3rd generation iPhone was released and had screen pixel dimensions of 320 x 480.

CW Analytics

Logo Stage

Logo design completed October 2013

AARP Foundation

Litigation Email Newsletter

release date: August 2012

Designed template and maintained content for the AARP Foundation Litigation Update newsletter